business strategy session for creatives

Brand Strategy Workshop


One-on-one, all-day workshop where we dive into your business to brainstorm, strategize, and plan—all from the comfort of your own workspace. Designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs to enrich and grow your unique brand.

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During your workshop, we will:

  • chat all about your business vision, values, dreams, ideas, goals

  • brainstorm and navigate ideas

  • establish specific goals

  • hone in on a focus and direction for your brand

  • develop your branding and establish what makes your business unique

  • explore and define your dream customer or client and what they need

  • identify exactly what content will connect with your target audience

  • come up with a content plan for your website and blog

  • pinpoint marketing strategies for your website, blog, and social media

Come away with:

  • a tailored guidebook that includes everything discussed during your workshop session to help you stay on track with your new goals and plan

  • a clearly defined brand foundation

  • goals with a step-by-step action plan to implement

  • a list of things to include on your website

  • a clearly defined customer or client

  • content list and editorial calendar with content that connects with your customers and clients

  • marketing plan outline with clear and simple steps to follow

  • custom list of hashtags and keywords

  • custom time-saving tips to use while you implement your plan



Workshop package includes:

client prepwork

1 // Client Prepwork

a workbook to prepare for your workshop; pinpoint branding struggles; explore your ideas, goals, vision, and niche

workshop session

2 // Live, All-Day Workshop

5-hour virtual workshop to chat, brainstorm, and strategize, and create a plan for your brand content

action plan and guide

3 // Action Plan + Guide

 custom, step-by-step plan and guidebook to help you stay on track while you implement your new brand strategy

email support

4 // Email Support

follow-up email support for 1 month to answer questions, provide motivation, and offer accountability


This package is a perfect fit if

  • you want to hone in on a niche and specialize your business to stand out in your industry

  • you want to enrich your brand identity and highlight what makes your business one-of-a-kind

  • you want to attract more dream customers and clients

  • you want to strengthen the foundation and core of your business

  • you want to map out your goals and dreams and choose strategies to help you get there

  • you want a simple step-by-step guide for establishing your unique brand presence in your market and growing your business

  • you want to create strategic content for your website and market your business effectively

  • you are ready to show up in your business but aren’t sure what to focus on




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