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I'm Sarah, the brand strategist + graphic designer behind Ponder Trail.

My entrepreneur journey began with chalk-dust and a magical world. (More on that below if you like a good story.)



Ponder Trail is a brand design studio and business resource for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers.

I relate first-hand to the ideas, excitement, and hard work that goes into starting and growing a business. And I've known the feelings of frustration and failure, too.

When I dove into the creative business world four years ago, I didn't know why a niche was important or how to stand out amid a sea of brands. I thought I could offer everything and follow all of my ideas.

Thankfully, though, I learned a thing or two along the way.

The late nights, research, and trial-and-error taught me how to grow a profitable business that supports your personal goals and ideal lifestyle.

The more I experimented, explored, and discovered, the more I wanted to share my insights with others. So I created Ponder Trail to share everything I've learned and to guide you through your journey as a creative entrepreneur.



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My Story

my creative entrepreneur business story behind pondertrail

My entrepreneur dreams started with chalk-dust.

I was 8 years old, and my cousin and I were making play dough out of giant, colorful sticks of side-walk chalk.

Well, we were trying.

We turned the chalk sticks into dust by grinding them on the rims of our sand buckets.

It wasn't very efficient.

Several hours later (or so it seemed), a light dusting had collected far down in the bottoms of our buckets. We carefully gathered the chalk-dust into a spoon and headed to the spigot to add some water.

We figured the water would create a clay-like consistency, but one-too-many drops trickled out, and our business efforts turned into an opaque, green puddle.

But we didn't let that stop us. Years later, we went on to make and sell "Lipshine" with the help of our sisters and a few other cousins. We made a whopping $3.25. (Haha.) I still have it set aside to this day.

While this little venture was by no means profitable, it taught me several lessons and ignited a flame and a passion that drew me towards having a "real" business someday.

My brand design journey began with a magical world.

My love for design goes back to the same childhood days when my sister, cousins, and I wrote fiction stories. We lived our characters lives and created richly imagined adventures wherever we went.

We had a favorite magical world, and it had a brand. 

I thought of it as a set or a kit where everything fit together. I designed its "signature" (my term for logos back then). It was a tree with bright red apples and a hole in the trunk. I drew it on the top of every piece of paper that had to do with our world.

We used green, red, blue, and brown crayons for most of our drawings, and everything was coordinated and felt enchanted. The names of landmarks and characters were flavored with nature and whimsy.

Then, in high school, I started a lifestyle magazine that I sent out to my cousins each month. Working on it was the highlight of my week, and I gained experience with formatting, writing, and editing.

A few years later, we started a collaborative lifestyle blog, and my favorite part was designing and updating the site to make it look beautiful and run smoothly. (Hence my love for a fully functional, branded, and well-designed website!)


And that's the where my love of entrepreneurship and branding grew from.


After graduating college with a degree in English and Art, I pursued my passion for graphic design, branding, and business, and I put it to use while building a handmade knitwear and accessories shop from the ground up. It taught me about starting and growing a brand, and I learned a lot along the way.

I discovered that you can't just "start" a business; you have to create and nurture a thriving and profitable one (if you hope to keep it going). But that takes time and know-how, so I started Ponder Trail to share everything I've learned and to guide you through your journey as a creative entrepreneur.