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pondertrail, a business, blogging, and brand design resource for creative entrepreneurs

Ponder Trail is a brand strategy studio and business resource for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers.


brand messaging workshop

Brand Messaging Map
a free mini workshop

Craft compelling messaging for your brand that speaks to your ideal customers and clients and showcases the value of your business.


about sarah the designer, blogger, and creative entrepreneur behind ponder trail

Hey there! I'm Sarah, and I help creative entrepreneurs specialize and transform their businesses.

It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of possibilities, ideas, and to-do's. So I started Ponder Trail to help creative entrepreneurs navigate the small business journey and create one-of-a-kind brands that shimmer like a diamond in the ruff.

As a brand strategist and graphic designer, I work with creatives to specialize their business and bring it to life through coaching and intentional design.

Learn more here (including how my business and branding journey began with chalk dust and a magical world).

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Transparent insights, tips, and strategies. Boost productivity. Find motivation. Design a framework that works with your lifestyle. Reach your goals. Grow your business. Create a unique brand.

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resources to help you learn and grow your creative online business

I'm sharing my best tips and tricks over on the blog to help you grow a thriving business.

Prefer to listen? You can play the audio of each Ponder Trail blog post instead!

A weekly, live webinar for creative entrepreneurs. 1 hour of tips and Q+A. 100% pitch-free.

Weekly strategies and action steps to help you find focus and create purpose in your business.

Let’s start specializing!

brand and website design for creative entrepreneurs

Brand + Website Design

Let's design a strategic visual identity that's as unique as your creative business and ties your brand together. My process features a unique 1-week timeline with complete focus on your project. I only take on one design project at a time.