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ponderstream, a weekly live webinar for creative entrepreneurs


This Week’s Ponderstream:


How I Set Goals and Turn Them into Achievable, Actionable, Daily Steps

February 22nd
2:00 pm (EST)

Question #1: Do you ever set goals only to never come close to reaching them?

Question #2: If you had a step-by-step plan that fit into your daily schedule and led you straight to your goals, do you think you’d be able to achieve them?

I hope you answered “Yes!” on #2, because that’s what this Ponderstream is going to walk you through.

Goals can feel all too elusive. In fact, I used to face this frustration daily. But after pinpointing why reaching goals was such a struggle, I created a system that now helps me work towards my goals every single day.

Join me for this week’s Ponderstream and start making progress towards your dreams!

video webinar show for creative entrepreneurs

Saturday, February 22nd
2:00 pm

Ponderstream Episode 2

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