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What it looks like to work with me + how I design a brand and website in 1 week.



Discovery + Design Phases

discovery phase

Discovery // Before our 1-week timeline begins, we kick-off your project with the brand Discovery phase. This is the prepwork stage, and it ensures we showcase your business in the most effective way possible. It's where we dig deep into the core of your business so we can create an impactful and strategic plan for the design of your brand and website. This process includes client homework (to be completed before we get started) and a video call where we brainstorm and hone in on the detailed branding vision for your business.

design phase

Design // After the Discovery phase is complete, I get to work bringing your business's new visual identity to life. The Design process takes place over 1 week where your project gets 100% of my focus. To stick to our project timeline, we touch base via email at the end of each day where I provide updates and get your approval. Keeping in contact during this week ensures we stick to our timeline and that our visions are aligned at every stage of the process. The Design phase includes a video call and training for using your new, polished website.



01. What does the Discovery Phase look like?

This stage is completed before your project's 1-week design time slot begins.

Step 1 // Initial Meeting + Consultation (30 minute chat to go over your questions, branding needs, business goals, ideal audience, etc.)

Step 2 // Customized Guide (video lesson + guide to walk you through the process)

Step 3 // Client Homework (workbook with questionnaires; website copy; photographs)

Step 4 // Strategy + Planning Session (60 minute video chat or phone call)

Step 5 // Design Vision + Creative Direction (brief, informal presentation of design plan for your brand)

02. What does the 1-Week Design Process look like?

Day 1 // Logo Concepts
Day 2 // Secondary Logos, Icons, Patterns
Day 3 // Brand Style Guide + Presentation
Day 4 // Collateral / Marketing Items
Day 5 // Website + Presentation

Daily Check-Ins // At the end of each day, we will touch base. By 4pm, I'll email you the current stage of the process for your approval. Client replies with feedback by 8pm the same day to ensure I can move onto the following stage the next morning and complete any refining/revisions so we can stick to our 1-week timeline.

1-week design process

03. What does "Client Homework" look like?

Client homework is critical to the success of your branding project. All of the following must be completed before I can begin the design work. We'll choose a deadline for your homework, and I'll be sure to encourage you along the way, too.

Workbook // Your client workbook will guide you through a series of in-depth questionnaires that will help me get to know your business on a detailed level. You'll answer questions about your goals, audience, and branding needs so I can make sure you walk away with a brand and website that attracts your ideal customer or client and helps you nurture a profitable business. You also might find that this workbook helps you develop even more clarity within your own business.

Pinterest Board // On our secret Pinterest board, I’ll have you pin images that you feel reflect your brand and your vision you have for the visual direction for your project. We’ll aim for around 50 images, and I will also have you comment why you included each image in its description.

Website Copy // All of your website text should be written and ready-to-go. I'll be pasting in into to your new Squarespace site during my design week. Pages to consider include Home, About (bio about you and your business), Blog, Contact, Services and/or Products, etc. Every page that I'll be designing needs completed copy before I can begin designing.

Photography // High-quality photographs are important for achieving a professional and polished brand and website. I suggest pairing with a professional photographer or a friend who takes great images. Stock photography that pairs well with your new brand design is another option if you're unable to hire a pro for your website photos.

Miscellaneous // Links, list of blog categories, etc. Be sure to include everything I might need while designing your brand and website. When we meet via video chat or phone call, we'll talk about these in more detail to be certain we don't forget or overlook anything.

04. How soon can my project begin? 

Availability // Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. Send me a message through the inquiry form as soon as you're ready to move forward so I can let you know what client slots are currently available in my calendar. I am currently booking clients for winter 2018 and spring/summer/fall/winter 2019.

05. How do I book and reserve my spot?

Inquire // After you look through my portfolio and package details, contact me below to learn more about my design process, availability, and to schedule a free consultation call.

Meet and Chat // We'll meet over a video (or phone) call and chat for 30 minutes to talk about your business, vision, and branding needs to ensure we're the perfect fit. I'll answer any questions you have and share more details about my process and design timeline.

Secure Your Spot // Reserve your project in my client queue with a signed contract and 50% deposit.

Begin Your Project // Then, I'll send over your welcome packet so you can begin your Client Brand Discovery Homework to prepare for your project's focused, 1-week design time slot.

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