Brand Messaging Map


Lesson 2: VALUE

explore the transformation + the experience you offer

Once you're clear on your products and services, it's time to determine the value behind them. Highlighting the take-away's or the benefits of your offerings is a powerful opportunity that you won't want to skip.

A brand's message should clearly convey the value that someone is getting when they buy or book from you. Often, someone won't be able to pick out the full value just by seeing your product or service, so you'll want to point them right to it.

To hone in on the value of your business, consider these key components:

  • The Transformation

The best way to figure out your value is to walk through the transformation (whether a product or service) that your audience will have after buying your business offering.

If you sell products, for example, paint a picture that tells them what they're missing out on and what their life will look like once they buy your amazing product. Point out a problem your product will solve for them--whether it's needing a new stylish purse to brighten up their wardrobe or having a new skill in their toolkit after they take your course.

If you sell services, same thing. Walk them through the transformation by highlighting the take-away's and how much better off they'll be once they book your service and work with you.

  • The Experience

You'll also want to convey the experience:

  • What's it like to receive your product in the mail?

  • What is it like to work through your online course?

  • What is it like to work with you?

  • What does it feel like?

Think about the thoughts and feelings and other factors that make up an entire experience.

  • What's Unique?

Don't forget to highlight what is unique about your business. Think about what you do differently, or what makes your business special. It could be a skill, level of experience, or something else that you bring to the table.

Sift through ways you stand out from others in your industry, and figure out ways that your originality adds to the value.


HOMEWORK ACTION // Work through the transformation, experience, and unique aspects of your products or services, and write out a thorough and detailed list of the value within your business.

identify your audience + get to know them well