Brand Messaging Map



Lesson 3: AUDIENCE

identify your audience + get to know them well


Your message needs to connect with your customers and clients on a deep level. And that begins by, first, knowing who they are and, second, knowing them well.

1 // Identify your audience

Exactly who needs it those most? Determine a specific group of people who are most likely to want your product or service.

2 // Get to know your audience

Get to know them better, and understand them. Figure out their hesitations and their biggest struggles and needs so you can resonate with potential customers and clients. Discover the particular pain-points and concerns of your audience. 

Knowing and anticipating where they're at helps you find focus and gives you a bit of strategic leverage and guidance when it comes to word-choices and choosing what to highlight in your messaging. This allows you to clearly speak to them on a deep level so they easily understand how your business can benefit them.

Once you know them well, you’ll know exactly how to connect with them so you can begin creating your brand messaging!

HOMEWORK ACTION // Work through the steps above to hone in on your audience and lay the groundwork for the next lesson.

draft the main points you want your messaging to convey