What is a Newsletter and an Email List? And 15 Reasons to Utilize Them

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The “newsletter” and the “email list” are talked about a lot these days. And it’s no wonder because they come with countless benefits.

Even if you aren’t quite sure what they do or why you need them, you’ve likely come across these tools before. (Ever get emails from your favorite stores?)

But newsletters aren’t just for big, established businesses.

In fact, they’re one of the best tools for creative small businesses and start-ups, too. And the sooner you start building yours, the better off your business will be.

Read on to learn the principles of a newsletter and an email list.

And if you still aren’t convinced or simply haven’t jumped on board yet, I’m also sharing 15 indisputable reasons to start your newsletter today!

15 Reasons to Utilize a Newsletter and Email List

What is a Newsletter and an Email List?

A newsletter is an email containing content you send to your audience, typically sent on a regular basis. And an email list is a collection of email addresses that have signed up to receive those newsletters from you.

Together, they work hand-in-hand to reach your audience.

You can think of your newsletter as an extra blog post series or editorial column of your business that is exclusively for people who choose to subscribe.

By providing awesome content your subscribers love to receive, you have the ability to nurture a loyal following that benefits more and more from your business.

A great way to get your audience to sign up for your newsletter is by offering them a free gift, or opt-in incentive when they do so. Also called a lead magnet, this freebie can be something as simple as a 1-page pdf download or a detailed 7-day email course. The goal is to create something that will attract your ideal customer or client and provide value for them.

(I have an upcoming blog post on this subject, so stay tuned!)

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Why You Need a Newsletter and an Email List

The benefits of growing and harnessing an email list and a newsletter are almost immeasurable.

Your list is an essential tool if you want to maximize the benefits of having an audience. Without a list, your business will miss out on many opportunities to connect with your audience and to keep them interested and engaged in what your brand has to offer.

Here are 15 indisputable reasons to start utilizing your email list and newsletter!

1 // Audience growth

You’re more likely to grow your audience when there’s a way for new viewers to subscribe.

Give them the option to sign up for your newsletter to prevent the risk of an ideal customer or client forgetting about your business, website address, or social media handle.

People who are genuinely interested in your brand are able to stay on top of everything you share about in your newsletter.

And if they love what they see on a regular basis, they’re also more likely to share your brand (and newsletter) with others.

2 // Puts you in control of reaching your audience

Your email list is how you directly reach your audience’s inbox. So it’s more reliable than social media.

And it’s way more reliable than hoping your followers remember to check your website the next time you’re ready to announce your newest product or service.

Having access to your your readers’ email ensures you reach potential customers and clients on a regular basis so your business doesn’t slip between the cracks.

3 // Ability to take your readers along a certain path, transformation, or mindset shift

Is there something specific you wish you could get across to your audience? Your newsletter is a great place to present it.

By being mindful of their pain-points, needs, and tendencies, you can address countless topics and calls-to-action to help your audience move forward in the best direction.

No matter what content you want to share or what transformation you want your readers to experience, you can drive the points home through a thoughtful, valuable newsletter.

4 // More opportunities to provide value

When you prioritize your newsletter, you have recurring opportunities to give lots of free value to your audience.

The more beneficial you are to your potential customers and clients, the more they will follow along with your brand.

When you provide free high quality value that your audience loves, you demonstrate the even-more-amazing value that your paid products and services can offer them.

So they are more likely to get excited (and to be ready to purchase) when you announce your business offerings.

5 // Demonstration of your specialization and expertise

Similarly, an email list gives you the opportunity to showcase your value and position as an expert in your field and to prove yourself to your followers.

It’s crazy to think you can send the following examples straight to their inbox:

  • Share what’s unique about your approach or process.

  • Outline the benefits of your product or service.

  • Show what you know, and give little bits of your expertise to help your audience become comfortable with the idea of putting their money towards booking your service or buying your product.

  • Show how you can help your audience and how you can solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

  • Highlight why your readers should choose your brand over another business in your industry.

This benefit alone is a priceless way a newsletter has the potential to make your brand shine and make your competition insignificant.

6 // Ability to build trust

Your newsletter also gives you countless opportunities to gain your audience’s trust.

Show them that your business is legitimate and that you truly have their best interests in mind. When they see your newsletter faithfully pop into their inbox each week, it establishes your brand as steady and reliable.

Focus on building trust by being transparent and by establishing your expertise. And make sure you follow through and demonstrate your ability to be consistent.

7 // Highlight the value of your products and services

When you’re connecting with your ideal customer or client each week in their inbox, you have an ongoing ability to shed light on the value of your products and services.

Rather than trying to “sell” your paid offerings, you can hone in on how they transform someone’s life. You can share past results and testimonials, or you can simply help them visualize what their life would look like with your product or service.

Your newsletter is the perfect place to lightly touch on the amazing value and benefits that come with your paid offerings.

This is an advantage you won’t want to miss out on!

8 // Increased engagement and invested audience

The people who choose to take the extra step to subscribe to your newsletter are usually extra interested in what you are saying and creating. Therefore, they’re more likely to be truer fans of your business. This helps with engagement, launches, getting feedback, and more.

Your newsletter builds a loyal audience of people who will be eagerly waiting for your product or service when it comes time for a launch, which leads us to the next benefit . . .

9 // Already set up for launches

If you’ve been nurturing your list and creating and sending content strategically, you’ll be set for success the next time you go to launch a new product or service.

So you won’t have to scramble to set up and grow an email list to launch to because you will already have one established.

If you’ve been giving your subscribers lots of valuable and desirable content, they won’t be thrown off by a launch week or hit the unsubscribe button because they’ll know more great content is right around the corner.

Plus, if you’ve been preparing your email list for your new product or service, they’re likely already going to be excited about whatever it is you’re launching.

Additionally, to boost the launching process, you can also create a strategic series of launch emails to help your subscribers get even more eager to book or buy your newest offering.

10 // Puts you in control of reaching your audience (AKA no longer at the mercy of social media)

A common mistake I always see entrepreneurs make is relying on social media to keep their business alive. They post on Instagram religiously, putting all of their eggs in the social media basket.

But what if social media disappeared overnight? What if the algorithm changed? Or what if you didn’t have time to post to Instagram for a week and your engagement dropped?

Where would your business be then?

Now, consider the alternative:

If you have been faithfully growing your email list and sending out epic newsletter content on a consistent basis, you will have a nurtured collection of true fans who look forward to receiving your emails.

If social media died, you would still have your email list, so you would still be able to reach your audience. And they would still know where to find you: their inbox.

Plus, you can redirect your newsletter subscribers to your social media accounts to help increase their engagement.

An email list puts you in control of reaching your audience--rather than at the mercy of various social marketing platforms.

11 // Makes your subscribers feel special

People love being a part of something exclusive. And what better way to show your audience you care by giving them a little extra content in their email each week.

  • If you have a blog, create an extra blog post that can only be found in your newsletter.

  • If you share inspirational photos or quotes, try including special ones that you won’t share elsewhere.

  • If you sell products or services, consider giving your subscribers a coupon code or a special deal that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • If you are working on a new project, your email list is the perfect place to share some sneak peeks before the rest of the world gets to know.

Make your email subscribers feel extra special, and they will look forward to your newsletter each week and likely become your brand’s most loyal followers and supporters.

12 // Receive relevant feedback

If someone has taken the time to subscribe to your newsletter AND read through it when you ask for feedback, it’s way more likely to be from an audience member that cares and is a true ideal customer or client.

So you’re way less likely to get a random opinion from some passerby from social media.

13 // Another place to establish your brand’s visual design and written voice

Your business’s visual identity is the detail that ties everything together and elevates it to the next level. Every inch of your brand should be intentionally designed to reflect the core of your business and to attract your dream customers and clients. And a newsletter is another place to establish your branding.

For example, you can include your business’s visual identity in your newsletter with a strategically designed header and footer that features your logo and brand details. You can also include your brand’s icons, graphics, and other designed pieces, too. And always be sure to tie-in your unique color palette.

Similarly, you can also hone-in on your writing style and voice throughout your newsletter. Showing your brand’s written voice is another beneficial way to establish the overall feeling and experience of your business. It’s another layer of branding that sets you apart, and your newsletter lets you establish it even further.

14 // Ability to stand out among other businesses

Get creative and create a truly unique newsletter.

Just as your newsletter can look and feel completely branded and original, you can also make the content original, too.

When you put some time into brainstorming unique content for your email list, you’ll likely find that the possibilities are endless.

A one-of-a-kind newsletter is a great strategy to make your business stand out from all the others and to help your brand grow.

15 // Helps you reach your goals

Above all, an email list and a newsletter help you reach your goals.

You can be strategic by creating content that takes your readers along a specific transformation. You can point out the value behind your business offerings so your subscribers are even more ready for your next great product or service.

You can provide amazing value, showcase your expertise, etc. All of this lends itself to reaching your goals--whether it’s the number of sales or bookings from a new launch, comments on your blog, consistent engagement on social media, or a new idea you’d like your audience to give feedback for.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have an email list and newsletter? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen from prioritizing these important tools in your business?

Or if you haven’t started building them yet, are you convinced of their importance?

Let me know in the comments below!

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