Introducing Ponderstream: A Webinar Show for Creative Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve spent time browsing my blog archives, you know I love talking about creative entrepreneurship, and I jump at every opportunity I get.

So I am excited to announce my newest resource: Ponderstream!

Each week, I am hosting a live webinar show filled with high-quality content to help you in your business endeavors. I wanted to create this new form of content to transparently share even more insights and strategies with you. I love how easy and enjoyable it is to learn with video, and I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store.

Think of Ponderstream as a video podcast series that you can return to each week for new content, all designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

And the best part is, it’s an interactive livestream!

Ponderstream features the in-person feel of live video and a chat feature. So you can take part in the episode, too, by asking questions you have about each week’s topic.

With time dedicated to Q+A towards the end of each livestream, you can come away with personalized tips and ideas for your business each week. (Almost like a mini coaching session.)

I hope to see you there!

Find details for Ponderstream episodes here.

Introducing Ponderstream: A Webinar Show for Creative Entrepreneurs

Introducing Ponderstream

Why a weekly interactive livestream video?

Here are some of my favorite features:

1 // Specifically for creative entrepreneurs

You won’t have to sift through dozens of videos before finding one that relates to you and your business.

It’s a bit like a Youtube channel about business tips, tricks, and strategies, but even better because it’s live and interactive.

2 // Easy-to-implement, high-quality content

With focused and to-the-point episodes, you can expect to walk away with helpful insights each week to implement in your business.

Often times, I will have presentation slides, too (because you know I love to design and utilize great visuals).

The following week, I will post a recap of each episode to the blog as a summary of the livestream in blog-post format along with the slides and any links mentioned in the show.

3 // Non-sales-y

This is perhaps the best benefit of all.

I won’t be throwing a sales pitch at you. Instead, Ponderstream is a free resource designed to share even more helpful content with you. (Which makes it different from so many of the high-pressure, sales-y webinars out there.)

I’m not a fan of those ads that pop up on facebook for webinars that always seem to have a hard-sell and very little content. They make webinars feel icky, which is the opposite of helpful.

4 // Video enhances learning

Video is a wonderful way to learn for visual and auditory learners alike.

And it’s generally more entertaining than reading a blog post or listening to a podcast. (Though, if I had to pick just one format, I don’t know if I could because I love all of them for their differences.)

I also love how video brings you beyond the brand so you can get to know the individual who is behind the content and doing the work. Video lets you see and hear them talk about their passion, which is always neat to experience.

So I hope you enjoy this aspect of Ponderstream, too.

5 // Live brings it to a whole new level

It feels even more personal when you have live access to the person on the other side of the video.

When you tune in live, you can join in on the comments to say hello, where you’re from, and what your business is about. I love getting to know other small business owners, so this is a part of Ponderstream I am looking forward to most.

6 // Personalized feedback, tips, and strategies

The chat feature makes it easy to ask questions throughout the Ponderstream and during the Q+A section at the end.

You can ask specific questions about that week’s topic or ask for more elaboration on the content discussed in the episode.

When you ask a question, you’re bound to come away with at least one helpful, personalized tip or strategy to implement in your business.

7 // Endless access and replays

After each Ponderstream, I save the replay and make it available on the blog the following week in the recap post.

Unlike many other webinars I’ve stumbled across, the replays won’t expire. You’ll always be able to find them and refer back to an episode to watch again. This is especially helpful when you are unable to make it live and want to watch it on your own timeline.

How to Watch

I created a Ponderstream page to make it easy to find the latest details and to join in. I’ll be updating it frequently, so keep an eye on it for all of the information. You can find all of the episodes there, too.

Join me for the very first live episode is this Saturday at 2:00 pm.

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