brand messaging map

Brand Messaging Map

an in-depth mini workshop to guide you through writing compelling brand messaging for your business


the lessons

Your brand's messaging speaks directly to potential customers and clients.

Is yours doing its job?


Are you missing out on this major strategy?

  • Is your brand speaking directly to your audience in a way that captivates their interest?

  • Is the value of your business showcased through your messaging to resonate with your ideal customer or client?

  • Is it doing its best to convert passers-by into sales or bookings?

If you said, "not as well as I'd like," my Brand Messaging Map will guide you through the process!

This course will walk you step-by-step through creating your brand messaging by helping you:

  • Gain clarity on your business offerings

  • Hone in on the value your product or service offers

  • Pinpoint exactly who needs it those most, and the particular struggles of that audience

  • Craft your brand's messaging so it speaks directly to those potential customers and clients

  • And elevate that messaging so it's utilized in the best way possible for your business



Ready to craft your brand's messaging?