10 Reasons to Use Squarespace for Your Website Platform

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I’m all about saving time.

As an entrepreneur, there’s always so much to do. From creating content for the blog and website to managing design work, my to-do list is in constant ebb and flow.

I’m sure you can relate, too.

Since my website is the headquarters of my business, it’s essential for me to use an effective platform that keeps things simple.

That’s why Squarespace is my website platform of choice. It’s among my list of top 5 things I couldn’t run my business without, and it’s one of the most effective time-saving tools I use.

Squarespace is simple, streamlined, and straightforward. And it has allowed me to be more intentional and strategic with my business. I recommend it to each of my design clients and to almost every creative entrepreneur I meet.

I’ve been a Squarespace user for over a year now, and here are 10 reasons why I love it.

10 Reasons to Use Squarespace for Your Website Platform

1 // Customization and ability to turn a design vision into reality.

The Squarespace platform makes it easy to customize websites and translate a design vision into reality.

When I design a site, I start with a template that has the options and features my client’s website needs. Next, I bring the brand to life with the style editor to match the style guide I create during the branding process of a client's project. Then, I go in and build each page by outlining the layouts with Squarespace “blocks” and adding photos, text, and other design elements.

I want to be able to put most of my time and brain power into the design and strategy of a website. And I need to be able to take the design that is in my head and sketchbook and turn it into a reality

The last thing I want to do is wrestle with a confusing program or software to try to get the desired results. So I love the ability to see a website come together exactly how I pictured it in my mind. 

Squarespace’s straightforward interface also streamlines my process, which helps me design a fully customized brand and website in just one week

2 // Little to no learning curve and easy to manage.

Thanks to Squarespace’s easy-to-use platform, there’s a very little learning curve.

Even if you have zero experience, it’s easy to run a Squarespace website:

  • It’s intuitive, visual, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • The blogging platform is simple to use.

  • It’s a breeze to change out photos and to format them properly.

  • You can add forms for newsletter opt-ins directly into your posts and pages in under a minute.

  • The back-end is simple and pleasant to work with. Plus, the account options (like billing, for example) are straightforward and easy to find.

When I hand a newly designed Squarespace website over to clients, I always feel confident that they’ll be able to take it from there, which makes it the ideal platform for my branding services.

At the end of my week with each client, I create a video tutorial for their website. I show them how to go in and manage the back end of their new site so they can make updates, create blog posts, add forms, and link to social media, etc.

This helps simplify their learning process, and thanks to the simplicity of Squarespace, I’m able to show everything in a succinct demonstration.

3 // You don’t need to be a tech genius.

No coding necessary.

Numerous templates and format options are perfect for choosing features and setting up the basic bones of a website. Squarespace’s settings and live style editor make it easy to change things without being a coding wiz.

No need to hassle with plug-ins.

Squarespace blocks make it easy to integrate Google Analytics, Amazon (for affiliate tracking), Videos, Dropbox, iTunes, Flickr, SoundCloud, Maps--to name a few. No need to search for plug-ins; they’re right there for you to use. The integrations you can access depends on your plan.

Social media integration.

Authorize and connect your social platforms. Add blocks for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Custom email with G Suite.

From right inside Squarespace, you can create a custom G Suite email that matches your domain name. Instead of ending with @gmail.com it will end with @yourdomain (for example). A professional email creates trust and builds credibility. Plus, you’ll feel official from the get-go--even if your business is just starting out.

4 // Everything is included.

Domain and hosting is all-in-one. 

When you set up your website with Squarespace, there’s no need to research hosting platforms or where to purchase your domain. Everything is included.

And my favorite part is that it’s all housed under one log-in. When I had a website with Wordpress, I had to juggle 3+ passwords to access each different service. It was a huge pain, and I avoided making updates and changes.

Domain privacy and SSL is included. 

Every Squarespace website includes domain privacy to keep your contact information hidden.

They also come with an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), which is important for maintaining a secure connection (especially during transactions) and building trust with your audience. Both of these settings can be turned off.

5 // Built-in ecommerce. 

Another feature that’s built right into your website is the ability to set up shop without needing to install plugins or link to an external site. 

A streamlined shop lets you maintain a professional appearance and gain trust with your audience. It also ensures a user-friendly experience. 

You can sell a mixture of physical products, digital products, or services. You can offer options within items, highlight certain products, and you can run sales--to name but a few features.

Squarespace storefronts have compelling design options (like the ability to add lots of photos to showcase your product), and they are easy to customize for your business’s needs. 

Squarespace integrates with Stripe and Paypal, depending on what types of payments you want to accept. Customers can choose to use a credit card, PayPall, or Apple Pay (Apple Pay is currently available for physical products).

Plus, the check-out screen is simple and quick for your customers and clients to use.

6 // Mobile optimization.

There’s no need to worry and wonder if your site will look good when someone hops over from Instagram or Pinterest on their phone; Squarespace automatically optimizes your website when viewed on or interacted with a mobile device. 

With a little bit of forethought and Squarespace know-how, every page can be set up and utilized for mobile as intentionally as it is for a desktop computer. 

The way a site responds (or “readjusts”) for mobile is determined by the way you set up blocks to design the layout of a page. While every Squarespace site has built-in mobile optimization, there are a few different tricks to know about when building a page with blocks. This will ensure it responds correctly when viewed on a phone or tablet. (Look for a blog post on this soon!)

7 // SEO-friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for showing up in Google and other search platforms.

Squarespace takes care of the technical side of SEO for you. For example, they structure information about your products so the details show up in Google. They automatically generate a sitemap and include an SSL certificate--both of which are components that boost your rank in search. Google also ranks mobile-optimized sites higher, which is another built-in Squarespace feature. 

Then, all you need to focus on is incorporating keywords naturally when you write website copy and blog posts. You can also add page descriptions so they show up search in engines more easily.

8 // Integrated forms for newsletter, opt-ins, content upgrades, etc.

It’s no secret that an email list is essential for growing and maintaining a thriving business. 

Squarespace makes this easy. You can connect to your email, newsletter service, and Google Drive in just a few steps. 

You can add forms for newsletter opt-ins directly into your blog posts and pages in under a minute: simply add a form block, customize the form fields, and link it to your desired accounts. You can write a custom thank-you message, too. And it integrates right into your site to match your branding.

Most Squarespace plans connect with Mailchimp, and some include integration with Zapier, which connects with services like ConvertKit, Trello, Slack, and Salesforce.

I love how easy it is for my brand design clients to add and change forms for opt-ins, freebies, and their mailing list after I hand the website over to them. It’s great to know they’ll be able to continue managing their website once their project is complete.

9 // Straightforward pricing and plans. 

For all of the features, Squarespace is quite affordable--even for new business owners. 

Most domains cost about $20 per year, and they offer several hosting plans to choose from depending on your needs. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly plan for web hosting, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Plans range from $12 to $40 a month for different features and stages of business. And if you want a custom Gmail account, the first year is free.

While cheaper options for website hosting do exist, I gladly pay an extra few dollars each month for the amount of time Squarespace’s streamlined platform saves me.

10 // Helpful support.

Squarespace provides 24/7 support through email and live chat. Detailed guides, videos, and articles can be found in their help pages on their website. It’s easy to digest, and every time I’ve had a question or wanted to figure something out, I’ve been able to quickly find answers in their help section.

Overall, Squarespace lets me focus on what’s most important. It saves me time. It’s simple. It has the features I need, and it isn’t overwhelming.

Thanks to this platform, I’m able to keep my blog and website updates simple and streamlined. It helps me stick to my 1-week design timeline, and I couldn’t run Ponder Trail without it!

Interested in a custom brand and Squarespace website? View the details of my design service here.

Have you tried Squarespace for your business or blog? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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