An Inside Look at My Brand and Website Design Service

My love for graphic design and creative entrepreneurship is what led me to venture out and start Ponder Trail. I wanted to offer branding for small businesses and be a valuable resource, too.

While I have a page dedicated to my design service, I haven't yet spelled out the process on my blog.

So today, I’m sharing the details of my brand and website design package.

There are several features that make it a little different, and this post walks you through the process and highlights some of the elements that make it unique.

I hope you enjoy this in-depth look at what it’s like to work with me to transform the visual brand identity of your business.

An Inside Look at My Brand and Website Design Service

The Experience Features . . .

1-week design phase

I complete the design work of each client project in just one week. I block out five days for designing and two days to take a step back and ensure everything is just right and to send everything over to my client. What makes this timeline possible is the prepwork that happens during the discovery phase, which is completed before the design week begins. (More on that in a minute.)

Daily check-ins and progress updates

During each day of the design phase, I send progress updates for my client to approve. This keeps the process streamlined and moving on schedule. It’s just like seeing their project come together right before their my client’s eyes.

100% focus on your project

During the design week I’m working solely on my client’s project. Because of the unique timeline, I’m able to complete all of the design tasks and give individual attention to bringing their brand and website to life.

I work best when I’m able to put all of my focus into one task at a time, so I’ve structured my design service and my business so I could dedicate all of my creative attention to my current client project.

Leading up to a new client project, I implement several batch days to get ahead with my tasks. This allows me to put aside all of my other big tasks (such as writing blog posts and preparing for my live Ponderstream webinars). I also automate tasks (like posting to social media). With most of my business running in the background, it frees me up to put all of my focus into each design project.

3 video chats

My design service features three video call sessions. These help us brainstorm a plan, hone in on a crystal-clear vision, come up with the perfect strategy for my client’s brand, walk them through the final product, and provide them with tips for how to get the most out of their new brand and website.

Custom Squarespace tutorial

I record a video showing you exactly how to use your new website. From adding items to your shop to revising your SEO, I touch on all of the tips and strategies that will help you run your website professionally and continue to optimize it—all while saving time.

Discovery Phase: The Prepwork

completed before the 1-week design begins

Each project kicks-off with the Discovery Phase. It includes all of the prepwork and is critical to the success of the branding project and is completed before the 1-week design start date.

Initial Meeting and Consultation

This is a 30-minute chat to go over my client’s questions, branding needs, business goals, ideal audience, and details about my brand and website design service.

Access to Private Client Page

Each client gets a private page on my website that I continually update during the process. It has directions, information, and links to everything they will need including . . .

  • Customized Guide // Video lesson and guide to walk client through the entire process of their homework and project.

  • Progress Updates // Progress indicator to show clients the exact step their project is currently on.

  • Link to Shared Google Docs Folder // Houses all client homework and is how I deliver final files at the completion of their project.

Client Homework

Homework includes various tasks to help client gather materials and prepare for their 1-week design. It also helps me know more about their business and vision and gets everything in one place so I can use it in their design.

  • Workbook // The workbook guides clients through questions to help me get to know their business on a detailed level. This ensures they walk away with a brand and website that attracts their ideal audience and helps them nurture a profitable business. This workbook also helps to develop even more clarity within their business and can be a helpful resource to return to in the future.

  • Website copy // Clients make sure all of their website text is written and ready-to-go. I drop and arrange the prewritten copy into their new Squarespace site during my design week, so every paragraph I’ll be using needs to be polished and completed before the design work begins. This includes a website copy guide, too.

  • Photography // High-quality photographs are important for achieving a professional and striking brand and website. I highly suggest pairing with a professional photographer. If working with a pro isn’t possible, it is possible to use quality stock photography.

  • Miscellaneous // Includes all of the various links, list of blog categories, product titles, and everything else I’ll need while designing my client’s brand and website. This is outlined in a detailed list during the Strategy and Planning Session to be certain nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

  • Curated Pinterest board // In a secret, shared Pinterest board, client pins images that feel reflect their vision for the visual direction of their brand. I then use this as a jumping off point for creating their brand aesthetic board.

Strategy and Planning Session

A 60-minute video chat (or phone call) to create a strategic plan for the design of my client’s brand and website.

Design Vision

Informal presentation of my design vision and plan for my client’s brand. It includes . . .

  • Brand aesthetic board

  • Summary of creative direction

Design Phase: Bringing it to Life

design work takes place over 1 week

After the Discovery phase is complete, I start bringing your new brand and website to life. The Design process takes place over 1 week where your project gets 100% of my focus.

Daily Check-Ins

During each day, I send over the current stage of the process for my client’s approval. To stick to our 1-week project timeline, my client replies with feedback the same day to ensure I can move onto the following stage and complete any revisions. Keeping in continual contact during this week is essential for staying on track and ensuring that our visions are aligned at every stage of the process.

I work on a specific part of the design each day:

  • Day 1: primary logo concepts

  • Day 2: secondary logos, signature icons and patterns, font combinations

  • Day 3: brand style guide + presentation

  • Day 4: marketing items and collateral pieces

  • Day 5: website (includes blog, individual page layouts, integrated e-commerce, mobile optimization)

  • Day 6: video chat presentation and training for using their new, polished website

  • Day 7: file send-off to client

The Booking Process

Availability: Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. Once we connect, I can let you know what client slots are currently available in my calendar.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation call.

We'll meet over a video (or phone) call and chat for 30 minutes to talk about your business, vision, and branding needs to ensure we're the perfect fit.

Reserve your project date into my client calendar.

Begin Your Project

Then, I'll send over your welcome packet so you can begin your Client Brand Discovery Homework to prepare for your project's focused, 1-week design time slot.

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